What parents say

Over the years we have received many lovely comments from parents about Schoolroom Two. Here’s a small selection of what parents say about our school:

Those of us who have children leaving Schoolroom Two to start school this year, know full well how precious Janet and her staff are and what an immense contribution they have made to the happiness and development of our children.

Schoolroom Two has been such a big part of our lives. My boys have loved it as it is like one big family, the setting is idyllic and the teaching staff fantastic. The staff genuinely love what they do, very clear from the fact they stay for years. They look after the children as if they are their own and I can not quite express in words how much I love the nursery and when my youngest leaves I will be very very tearful!!

We have been really lucky finding Schoolroom Two, a real gem ! Both girls have been there and Miss Janet’s team have enabled them to flourish many thanks to all.

We have rather rushed 3 children through – 3 years, 3 boys! But it has been essential to my sanity and a respite for the boys from the craziness of home! Miss Janet and her team have been amazing and I tell anyone who’ll listen!

Our son has flourished at Schoolroom Two. He arrived, aged 2, a biter and a fighter. He leaves really quite lovely! He was shy to start with but is now so social. I put it down to the nurturing environment of the school and staff. Whatever his mood, they were always calm, professional and most importantly to me – loving. He enjoyed himself, I think, because he felt safe, secure and a valued member of the little Schoolroom Two community. Thank you Miss Janet and team!