Our fees 2021/22

Fees per Term(average 11 weeks)

  • 2 Sessions(6 hours) – £738
  • 3 Sessions – £1,106
  • 4 Sessions – £1,475
  • 5 Sessions – £1,844
  • 6 Sessions – £2,213
  • 7 Sessions – £2,581
  • 8 Sessions – £2,950

We allow 2 session attendance for the first term ONLY

Nursery Education Grant (NEG)

All children are eligible for 15 hours of Universal Funding the term after they are three years old.

15 hours equates to 5 sessions at SR2, universal funding changes depending on the length of the term. If you attend fewer sessions funding is pro-rata.

  • Autumn Term 2021 (12.6 Weeks) – 15 hours funding is £1,048.95
  • Spring Term 2022 (10.6 Weeks) – 15 hours funding is £882.45
  • Summer Term 2022 (9.2 Weeks) – 15 hours funding is £765.90

Working parents may be entitled to Extended Funding once their child is three years old. This scheme is for both parents who work more than 16 hours per work but individually earn less than £1,000K p.a. We can provide 9 extra hours (24 hours per week). The Additional Service Package charge allows us to provide highly trained staff with excellent adult to child ratios. We provide extracurricular activities plus up-to-date materials in bright, stimulating classrooms and garden.
There is also a new Tax-free Childcare Scheme. More information, and how you apply for the Extended Funding and Tax-free Childcare Scheme is on www.childcarechoices.gov.uk As a Nursery Education Grant (NEG) provider, we are able to offer all 3 and 4 year olds a free nursery place. However the free 3 hour place is offered as part of a package of daycare and additional services. The basic place is free and the extra charges are for services over and above the 3 hours of nursery education, including activities and enhanced staff ratios.

If parents do not wish to access our additional services as a condition of obtaining a free nursery place we will help them to make an informed choice. Therefore if a parents need cannot be met because their requirements differ from what we can offer, we can refer them to the Family Information Service (FIS) on 020 8871 7899.

A full terms notice in writing is required before the removal of a pupil. Failing such notice full fees in lieu will be charged. Deposits are non-refundable.