Extra activities

At Schoolroom Two we provide extra activities for the children to enjoy: Caterpillar Music, Yoga and Tennis Tots.

Caterpillar Music

Schoolroom Two children having fun during Caterpillar music

A 40 minute weekly music session run by Shumi Jeyedevan.

Whilst having fun with music, each session is carefully designed to:

  • develop vocabulary
  • social skills
  • confidence

Weekly themes include the jungle, farms, pond life etc which are explored using nursery rhymes, energetic action songs, percussion instruments or hand puppets for the children. The use of dancing scarves, shakers, bells, finger lights, dress up, bean bags and a parachute ensures the session is as stimulating as possible.

Each Christmas we put on a Christmas Show for the families of the children. Shumi also helps the children to learn songs and poems to perform.

Before Caterpillar Music, Shumi was a volunteer music and drama teacher for schools and school holiday camps. She has also organised summer camps in primary schools.

There is no additional cost to your child attending this class.

Tots Tennis

Schoolroom Two children having fun during Tots tennis

Being based in the heart of Southfields Lawn Tennis Club we are extremely lucky to be able to offer tennis coaching and ball skills to all our nursery children.

Children choosing tennis get a pretty unique opportunity to learn the tennis ABC’s:

  • agility
  • balance
  • coordination

Bob Luxa, a professional tennis coach, takes the tennis/ball skills lessons for Schoolroom Two children on Tuesdays at 11.30am and Fridays at 9.30am. He is helped by his wife Claire.

Bob has completed a LTA sanctioned tots tennis and a mini tennis course.

Children are taught on an outside tennis court where they can run around and get lots of fresh air. There is always fun in the lessons and that is vital in keeping the children’s interest. Children can continue their lessons once they have left Schoolroom Two and also in school holidays.

There is an additional cost to your child attending this class.