“A school day”

A school day at Schoolroom Two Montessori nursery

Today I’m riding my balance bike to nursery. I see my friends on their scooters on the way and we ride up the hill together.

I go through the main gate, I really want to play on the grass and the climbing frame but I also want to get inside and see my friends and teachers.

I’m jumping up and down as I wait in line for Miss Shane to say good morning to me.

My friends already inside are shouting my name as I come through the door.

Today I remember to say goodbye to mummy – sometimes I’m so excited to get inside I forget.

One of the new smaller children is a bit scared and crying. His mummy is with him but Miss Claire gives him a cuddle and shows him something exciting to do.

I put my fruit bowl in Miss Janet’s tray – she is my Key Worker.

Then I find my name card on the table and put it in the name pot. This is our register.

I find my coat peg, mine had a picture of a jug on it, and hang my coat up. Then it’s time to play.

This morning I want to do some painting. Alia is using the easel but I know how to wait my turn. While I’m waiting I decide to use the play dough.

Some children are sitting quietly reading a book they have chosen from the bookshelf. We have lots of books to choose from.

Joseph is building a tower with Hugo.

Miss Tanya is helping Georgia with her letters.

Suddenly it’s time to clear the toys away before our fruit and milk, we all help. Then it’s time for tennis.

I love tennis, we get to play outside on the tennis courts. Coach Bob is so funny. We do lot of exercises, I try really hard to stay on the white lines when I’m running. Bob shows us how to shake hands with the racket, this is so we hold it properly. Then we try to hit some balls. We play Jelly Jail, it’s fun trying to dodge the balls. At the end Coach Bob gives us a sweet for trying so hard.

When we go back inside, some of the other children who didn’t play tennis are on the mat singing.

We sit down with them and Miss Janet reads us a story. Today she’s reading the Hungry Caterpillar. Sometimes I’m a bit fidgety so today I sit on Miss Shane’s lap.

After the story, it’s time to go home. We get our coats from our peg, put them on and sit back down on the mat.

We can see all of the mummies coming up the path to collect us.

Miss Janet goes to the door and gets ready to call out our name when our mum is at the door. I can see my mummy in the line and am very excited but I know I have to wait quietly on the mat until she is at the door. She’s here! Miss Janet calls ‘Riana’ and I walk nicely to her. I look her in the eye and she shakes my hand. ‘See you tomorrow’ she says. I’m very excited as Phoebe is coming to my house for a play date, yay!”